Chimney Repair Weston Super Mare

Burton Building Maintenance provide a Professional chimney repair service all over Somerset

Chimney stack repairs in Weston super Mare

Burton Building and Maintenance provides chimney repairs in Weston super Mare and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in the quality of work we provide our clients and are happy to come and visit your home of office to have a look at the situation and give you a no obligation quote on any work needed.


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What we do

Chimney repairs often require the removal of old bricks, replacing them, with new matching ones. Due to the stability of a chimney it is often completed in stages, removing and replacing bricks whilst repointing to ensure a natural finish. Our chimney repairs in Weston will be finished off by embedding or repairing flaunching and then capping off the chimney.

Where possible we will use a roof ladder to ensure your costs are reduced so if your chimney stack is damaged and in need of a repair please contact Burton Building Maintenance for further details.


What are the benefits of chimney repair?

Your chimney is a one of the main areas heat can escape from your home. By ensuring it is fully functional you will reduce your monthly heating cost. You could also risk letting damp and mould into your living areas which can cause illness especially in young children. Our chimney repairs in Weston super Mare will ensure you have a safe warm environment for your family.


What to look for?

There are a number of things you can look out for to determine whether your chimney is in need of repair. The obvious signs would be missing or cracked bricks, your chimney leaning at an angle or the top of the chimney stack missing. Pieces of your chimney might also fall down the chute into your property.

For more information about our chimney repair in Weston super Mare and the surrounding areas contact us today on 01934 627029.

Chimney Repair Weston super Mare
Chimney repairs Weston super Mare

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