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Burton Building Maintenance provides 24/7 emergency plumbing in Weston super Mare and the surrounding areas. As a local business we are always looking to help local residents when they have any problems with their plumbing. We understand the importance of a quick reliable service and will aim to get out to you as soon as possible. For more information about our services please contact us on

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Why use an emergency plumber?

Some people think that a plumber is an unnecessary expense and will try to fix the problem themselves. Obviously in some instances this might be okay but there are many advantages to calling an emergency plumber in Weston super Mare.

One of the advantages you need to take into account is speed. If you have a leaking pipe for example you might be able to fix it yourself or at least stop the leak. Our plumbers however will be able to give you a professional service, fixing your problem quickly without the chance of it reoccurring any time soon. Leaks in particular need sorting out straight away. You do not want mould or damp getting into your property. We have come across many jobs that have involved sorting out botched DIY by home owners and by not calling out a plumber in the first place it has greatly increased the costs.


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Burton Building Maintenance 24 hour emergency plumbing in Weston super Mare

Burton Building provides 24 hour emergency plumbing in Weston and the surrounding areas. In addition to these services we also provide kitchen and bathroom design and fitting as well as a wide range of plumbing and building solutions. For more information please contact us on 01934 627029

emergency plumber Weston super mare

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